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February 01, 2024

Jason Kelce 'secretly looking into' bringing back iconic 'Backyard Sports' video games

Speaking on the "New Heights" podcast, Jason Kelce discussed interest in reviving the "Backyard Sports" video game series that was a staple of millennial culture.

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Jason Kelce wants to bring back the "Backyard Sports" franchise.

For millennials, few things garner more nostalgia than the iconic "Backyard Football" and "Backyard Baseball" computer games.The people's champion of Philadelphia, future Hall of Famer center Jason Kelce, wants those games to return. Beyond that, he's been "secretly looking into" the rights of those games because he'd like to buy them for a revival.

Speaking on his "New Heights" podcast with his brother Travis Kelce, the duo discussed the "Backyard Sports" franchise and the elder Kelce's interest in bringing the series into the 2020s:

Travis: Do you remember "Backyard Football" on the computer growing up?

Jason: Oh, dude... I don't even know if I want to mention this because I've been secretly looking into seeing if anybody holds the rights to "Backyard Football" or "Backyard Baseball" because I want to buy it and get this thing going again. That was the best game ever. It was so electric. Can you imagine playing "Backyard Football" now on your phone? Because you can do that whole thing on your phone because it wasn't that complicated of a game.

Travis: 1000 percent.

Who wouldn't want to sit on their phone and have Jalen Hurts launch touchdown passes to Pablo Sanchez?

If Kelce truly retires this offseason, he has tons of avenues to go down in his post-playing career. Whether it be podcast star, Eagles front office member/coach or, just maybe, video game tycoon, the football world will be watching what he does next.

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