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January 30, 2018

Jason Kelce burns Minnesota in playful interview with Eagles teammate Beau Allen

Monday's media day in Minneapolis is probably the loosest we'll see the Philadelphia Eagles before they take the field Sunday against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

There were plenty of noteworthy moments amid a frenzy of interviews, including the sight of Nick Foles seated next to Tom Brady. 

But the best exchange of the day may not have been led by a reporter at all. When 6ABC anchor Jamie Apody handed her microphone off to Eagles defensive tackle Beau Allen, the Minnesota native interviewed All-Pro center Jason Kelce about his experience so far in Minneapolis.

Kelce wasted no time cracking a joke about the state's sodium content.

"What I've learned about Minnesota is that it's a land full of salt," Kelce said. "In particularly, from that victory we put on them last week. Well, they're booing us this week."

If the Eagles can keep their underdog momentum rolling, Philadelphia will be a land full of beer a week from today.