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March 13, 2018

Eagles release veteran tight end Brent Celek, clear more cap space

Peters first hinted that Celek may no longer be an Eagle on Instagram

In 2018, Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek is scheduled to count for $5 million against the salary cap, $4 million of which the Eagles would save if they released or traded him. 

Because the Eagles need to free up money prior the start of the new league year on Wednesday, there's almost no way Celek will ever see that money, which means that common sense would dictate that he would either have to take a drastic pay cut, retire, or the team would have to release him.

On Tuesday, a Jason Peters post on Instagram hinted that Celek may no longer be an Eagle.

Certainly, Peters could have randomly posted that he's boys with Celek, but given Celek's circumstances, and the fact the Peters referred to himself as the "last man standing," it feels a lot more likely that Celek's tenure with the Eagles is coming to a close.

Celek's body has taken a pounding over an 11-year career in the NFL. If indeed he is no longer with the Eagles in 2018, he will have gone out with a ring, and will be remembered as a great Eagle.

UPDATE: The Eagles have indeed released Celek: