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August 12, 2015

Jersey Shore bands to sooth your summer soul

Indie rock, rap, folk and the classics

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Mad Feather Group Mad Feather Group/Facebook

Mad Feather Group is one Jersey Shore band you can't ignore.

Music is as much a part of the Jersey Shore as sand and waves, highlighted by the fact that there's no shortage of songs written about the lure of the Garden State's coast. 

Yet there's much more to the scene than those tunes, with tons of great musical acts hailing from or frequently touring the area. Just scraping the surface of a deep pool of talent, here are four Jersey Shore bands and artists to check out.

Mad Feather Group 

Rhythmic and punchy with hints of the 90s experimental rock groups like Jellyfish, Mad Feather Group sounds like they belong on Radio 104.5 and not Youtube. That doesn't mean you shouldn't check out their music videos, which are delightfully strange and quirky. The group hails from Jackson Township and hits up many small festivals and bars in and around Asbury Park. 

Mista Encore

Clever and uplifting, Mista Encore comes from Long Branch, and the dude can spit bars. His vocal style, interestingly enough, has a hint of Action Bronson in it, yet his lyrical style is more reminiscent of the thoughtful musings of Common. Plus, if you're looking to make beats of your own, Encore is here to help. He's got several useful tutorials on his Youtube page

Nicki Sbaffoni 

Sbaffoni makes the rounds at the various shore towns' bars and small venues, bringing her heartfelt folk renditions to each show. A talented songwriter in her own right as well as a masterful cover artist, she easily navigates the song catalogs of a wide range of artist, from Lou Reed to Pink

Shorty Long & The Jersey Horns 

A list of Jersey Shore bands wouldn't be complete without a staple of the scene, a role that Shorty Long and his band fill quite nicely. Sometimes you just want to jam out to the classics, especially on those long summer nights at your favorite beach town. For more than 12 years, Long and his Jersey Horns have provided the tunes for just that.