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January 13, 2017

The jobs that will land you a Tinder date in Philly

Tinder, the cesspool for lonely souls (myself included) looking for hookups and potential mates without the fear of social rejection, allows users to provide a wealth of information to try and attract other users. For example: carefully selected photos, vague profile descriptions highlighting your fun personality and even your favorite crappy music.

The app also allows you to list your job, and apparently Tinder keeps track of which professions are most desirable. Mashable took data from the app and ranked the jobs that were most often swiped right for in several big cities.

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Here are the results for Philadelphia:

Men's most swiped-right jobs:

1. Architect

2. Art director

3. Scientist

4. Flight attendant

5. Engineer

6. Cinematographer

7. Pilot

8. Doctor

9. Journalist

10. Financial adviser

Women's most swiped-right jobs

1. Web developer

2. Social media manager

3. Architect

4. Yoga teacher

5. PR/Communications

6. Event planner

7. Teacher

8. Speech pathologist

9. Journalist

10. CEO/Entrepreneur

Hats off to all the architects out there, who do well no matter their gender. It's also comforting to see so many other single journalists out there.

You can see the most swiped-right jobs for a number of other cities here.

(h/t, BillyPenn)