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September 03, 2019

Just in time for tailgating season: Fireball pumpkin pie

Sure, the video which sparked a dessert revolution is five years old, but it's too good to pass up now

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10292019_pyro_pumpkin Jan Bergander/via Flickr Creative Commons

We don't think pumpkins would be mad if you added Fireball whisky to their namesake dessert pie, but you never know.

Do you like Fireball? Do you like pumpkin pie? Yeah, me too.

So, I suspect you’ll be just as excited as I was this weekend when someone forwarded me a link regarding the best practices for making Fireball Whisky Pumpkin Pie.

In fact, it was such an interesting article that I’m going to repurpose it for presentation on PhillyVoice so you, too, can make this delicious treat (as I will) as summer turns to fall.

Embedded below will be the seven-plus-minute BBQ Pit Boys video showing how “the perfect dessert for the holiday barbecue” is done.

Granted, this video is five years old, and the story shared with me is from almost a year ago, but important things like this shouldn’t be neglected just because of the inexplicable passage of time.

Before the video, here’s what you’ll need to get started:

• Frozen Pie Crusts (2)

• Pure Pumpkin (1 can; 30 ounces)

• Evaporated Milk (1.5 cans; 18 ounces)

• Eggs (4)

• Sugar (1.5 cups)

• Salt (1 teaspoon)

• Ground Ginger (1 teaspoon)

• Ground Cloves (0.5 teaspoons)

• Fireball Cinnamon Whisky (6 ounces)

The only objection I have with those ingredients is measuring out the Fireball to a mere 6 ounces, but whatever, I have problems.

Now, you need to know what to do with those ingredients, so away we go…

Oh yeah, if you’re interested, the BBQ Pit Boys also offer ways in which you can create Fireball Whisky Meatballs. Good luck.

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