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August 24, 2017

Kellyanne Conway: Trump's 'going to stick to building that wall'

Make no mistake about it – President Donald Trump's going through with building a wall bordering the United States and Mexico, says Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway.

Conway, who hails from Camden County, appeared on "Fox & Friends" on Thursday morning to discuss the wall on the heels of Trump's threats made during a campaign-style rally in Phoenix on Tuesday to induce a government shutdown if Congress doesn't approve the necessary funding. 

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan later said that he doesn't think a shutdown "is necessary," nor does he want to see one.

"He's going to stick to building that wall, Ainsley, and he wants the money to pay for it," Conway said on the show. "The president ran on building the wall, won on building the wall and has remained steadfastly committed to doing it and anybody's who's surprised by that has not been paying attention for over two years."

Conway said that Trump's No. 1 priority as president is to keep Americans safe and that securing the border with a wall is a "piece of" that mission.

"This is important because people understand that a sovereign nation needs physical borders," she said. "This country has spent billions of dollars over the years helping other nations protect their own borders; it's high time we do it here."

Watch Conway's interview on "Fox & Friends" below: