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September 29, 2017

Kenney shows off his acting chops in promos for ABC's 'The Mayor'

Jim Kenney Television
Carroll - Mayor Kenney - Sugary Beverage Tax Event  Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Mayor Jim Kenney smiles with a can of soda during a tour of South Philadelphia High School. When asked about the pose, he responded, 'I want you to buy soda.'

Could Mayor Jim Kenney be looking at life as a professional actor after finishing his time as a public official? 

A few recently released trailers for ABC's new comedy series "The Mayor" show its main character turning to real-life mayors across the country – Philadelphia's own included – for advice on the ins and outs of politics. Kind of. 

The show, which is set to premiere next week on the network, stars Brandon Micheal Hall as Courtney Rose, a hip-hop artist looking to kick-start his career by running for office in Fort Grey, California – and, in a surprising turn of events, he wins.

ABC has released a handful of 30-second-long clips that show Rose calling up Kenney, along with Mayors Jim Schmitt of Green Bay, Wisconsin; Jody McLeod of Clayton, North Carolina; Levar Stoney of Richmond, Virginia; and "Mayor" Brynneth Pawltro – a dog elected to lead residents in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

One trailer released Thursday shows Rose asking Kenney's thoughts on shaking hands.

"Kids like the fist bump," Kenney says. 

Another has Kenney opening up on musical suggestions. 

"I have my staff play 'Eye of the Tiger' every time I enter the room," Kenney says.

There's another promo that seeks Kenney's advice on "eating on the job."

"Absolutely not," Kenney says while chowing down on a hoagie.

Lauren Hitt, Kenney's spokesperson, didn't comment on Kenney's opinion on the big role but did share that ABC reached out back in August and filmed in his City Hall office for about 30-45 minutes.

It's not clear if Kenney will make an appearance on the show itself. ABC did not return an immediate request for comment. 

"The Mayor" premieres on Oct. 3 and airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.