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August 24, 2018

La Colombe fuses the best drinks of summer with cold brew, lemonade hybrid

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La Colombe La Colombe/PhillyVoice

La Colombe is headquartered in Philadelphia.

Nothing says summer like a cool glass of lemonade, but nothing says going-to-work-in-a-heat-wave like a travel mug of cold brew.

A new drink from La Colombe may have solved this struggle between beverages. The Philadelphia-based coffee roaster is now selling the first-ever Cold Brew Shandy Lemonade, mingling the sweetness of lemonade with the punch of cold brew coffee. La Colombe describes it as a coffee version of an Arnold Palmer.

The hybrid infuses Sicilian lemons, infusing them to create a bubbly texture like you might be used to from most La Colombe draft drinks. The coffee used is La Colombe's newer, light roasted Pure Black Colombian Brew.

Just as Philadelphians and other fans of the ever-growing business have gotten used to the concept of draft lattes, this could be another new concept to set the norm.

La Colombe first started serving the cold brew/lemonade hybrid on a pilot basis, on tap, in select La Colombe cafes last month. Now, the drink has been produced in cans, which are officially available online and throughout stores.

"It's the result of tinkering with lemons and lemonade concoctions in my home kitchen with my children. We are lemonade people," said La Colombe CEO Todd Carmichael in a statement.

"I proudly took the result to work to share with the team and it didn't take long before we were adding cold brew to it...Turns out that the right lemon and coffee are a dream together."

Even though the heat will persist on for at least a few more weeks, if you would rather jump the ship completely and go straight into autumn land, La Colombe has also announced the return of its Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte.

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