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November 24, 2015

Lane Johnson says The Linc isn’t a home-field advantage

It’s safe to say that the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t give their fans much to cheer about on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After a quick start the week before against the Miami Dolphins, the Birds put together another frustrating performance. Overall, this season just hasn’t gone as many anticipated.

When you’re not playing well in Philadelphia (and many other places, for that matter), you get booed. That’s just the way it is. Whether it’s ultimately constructive or not is a matter of opinion. Lane Johnson told Philly Mag’s Josh Paunil that he sure doesn’t think it is:

Moving forward, you could argue the Eagles’ primary concern should be keeping the people in their seats until the fourth quarter. They will take on Detroit this Thursday in the Motor City, so Johnson and his teammates will get away from their displeased fans for a little while.

Johnson is a promising young player that has been on the field despite injuries this season. He later took to Twitter to apologize for his comments:

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