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November 04, 2015

Lehigh Valley pizza shop launches 'pay it forward' campaign to help homeless

Customers can donate slices to help those in need

Charity Pizza
Lehigh Pizza Lehigh Pizza/Contributed Art

Lehigh Pizza.

It's always tempting to order that extra slice of pizza when you're really craving it. 

One Lehigh Valley pizza shop is urging customers to splurge on that extra food to help those in need instead of satisfying your appetite.

Bethlehem's Lehigh Pizza, located at nearby Lehigh University, announced Sunday that it is launching a "pay it forward" campaign that lasts throughout the Winter months.

For a discounted $2, you can purchase a plain slice and the eaterie will put a post-it note on the wall. Those notes will be available to children in need and the homeless for a free meal. 

Any vouchers that aren't used by the end of May will have their value doubled and the money will be donated to local food banks or shelters. 

In addition, the pizza shop, a popular stop for Lehigh University students, is participating in two other campaigns: a clothing drive and a delivery donation program for a veterans' organization