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June 27, 2018

This random L.A. mural is available only to the Insta-famous

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Philly is full of murals that make for perfect Instagram backdrops -- there's even an entire pop-up exhibit dedicated to that purpose right now -- but one new mural in Los Angeles, Calif. is limiting its access only to the worthy (and verified).

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A pair of wings painted at 7753 Melrose Ave. is apparently pushing to be in high demand in Instagram land. What does it take to get your photo with the wings? You must have a verified Instagram account...and at least 20,000 followers.

The mural debuted Monday, revealed online by Like and Subscribe (which, by the way, is not verified on Twitter, nor on Instagram. The accounts also have less than 20,000 followers each at the time of this writing).

There's even a security guard to keep those thirsty for likes in place. The sign outside instructs users to tag @likeandsub on Twitter and @likeandsubscribe on Instagram, which apparently could use the traction since it's technically not even qualified to pose with its own mural right now.

There's a possibility it will be open to the entire public, no matter how meager the social media following, later this summer. Like and Subscribe promises more answers to what this is all about on July 9.

I'm sure we'll all be waiting with bated breath.