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May 30, 2019

Mailbag: Will Dak Prescott sign a more lucrative contract than Carson Wentz?

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Carson and Dak.

In our Eagles chat this week, there were a lot of questions that we could not get to in time or other questions we did answer but could use more color. And so, let's do a mailbag post to answer some of the overflow.

Question from CrusherDoug: There’s an article in the SportingNews that says Dak Prescott should get paid more than Carson Wentz? What say you?

I googled and read the article. I agree with some points, and disagree on others, which I won’t get into here. Instead, I’ll just give my own thoughts.

To begin, while Prescott is good, Wentz is clearly more talented. I don’t understand how anyone can watch Wentz and Prescott and reasonably come to a conclusion that Prescott is on Wentz’s level, purely from a talent perspective. Wentz is bigger, has better arm strength, and is more accurate down the field. Prescott’s best attributes are his ability to throw on the run and his overall mobility, which are two areas where Wentz is also good.

In my view, there is one quarterback in the league who can boast a similar blend of size, athleticism, arm talent, smarts, and the ability to make plays inside and outside of the pocket as Wentz. That’s Patrick Mahomes. As a reminder, there aren’t many people on the planet who can make these types of plays:

Wentz, in my view, gives you a better chance at winning a Super Bowl than Prescott, as he is a top-five quarterback, when healthy, while Prescott, well… isn’t.

The big advantage that Prescott has over Wentz is durability, which is obviously a big consideration. Prescott has never missed a game, while Wentz has had his seasons cut short as a result of serious injuries both in 2017 and 2018. Prescott also has a better record over his career, and arguably better numbers. If you strip out their rookie seasons, however, Wentz’s numbers are far better.

Still, with the unlimited upside that Wentz possesses, he more likely to get the bigger deal. The only way that Prescott can possibly get a bigger deal, in my view, is if Wentz gets paid first. Certainly, Wentz's representation, which also boasts Jared Goff as a client, isn't going to accept anything less than what Prescott gets if that domino is the first to fall.

If Prescott somehow gets paid more, the Eagles would be thrilled with that outcome. Ultimately, I believe that if both quarterbacks sign deals this offseason, Prescott's deal will come first, they will both be north of $30 million, and Wentz land the more lucrative deal.

Question from Bock: What defensive linemen will be on the field for third downs?

I assume you mean third and long? If so, it’ll likely be Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Malik Jackson, and Derek Barnett. Jackson is a better pass rusher than any of the Eagles’ reserve defensive ends, so I think he’ll just stay on the field.

Question from ChillyWilly: Who will lead the Eagles in carries this season?

It's crazy to think that Josh Adams led the team in carries (120) and yards (511) last season, and yet he's far from a lock to make the team in 2019.

Assuming everyone stays healthy, I think it'll be close between Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders. Early in the season, I believe that Howard will get more touches, but it will tilt in the favor of Sanders as the season progresses and they become more comfortable and confident in his abilities. In my view, it just depends on when that happens. We'll predict it happens sooner than later, and Sanders ultimately gets more touches.

Question from G: What date is the Super Bowl parade?

Ha, last time around, it was four days after their Super Bowl victory. It was February 8, 2018. This season, since the Super Bowl is on February 2, the most likely day for an Eagles Super Bowl parade, should they win it again, would be February 6, 2020.

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