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October 12, 2015

WATCH: Man lights himself on fire, surfs down flooded NJ streets

Stuntman glides through Ocean City while engulfed in flames

Video Surfing
Fire surfing stunt Nub TV/YouTube

"The Amazing Hob" set himself on fire and surfed through the flooded streets of Ocean City in a video posted earlier this month

Although New Jersey may have dodged a bullet when Hurricane Joaquin veered east into the Atlantic Ocean, heavy rainfall still caused serious flooding in the state earlier this month.

For the three cast members of the online video series Nub TV, the inclement weather was an opportunity for a daring stunt.

With the streets of Ocean City, New Jersey, looking more like rivers than roadways, the guys who have appeared on several TV shows such as NBC's "America's Got Talent" decided to hook up a cord to the back of a pickup truck. 

Then, cast member "The Amazing Hob" grabs hold to the end on a surfboard for a casual ride through the flooded shore town. He does this all while wearing some apparently fire-proof clothing and literally setting himself ablaze. 

Watch the video of the stunt here (Disclaimer: Video contains explicit language)