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October 08, 2016

Pa. Republicans call Trump's comments about women 'inappropriate'

There's a growing list of Republicans and Democrats who are denouncing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his comments about women heard in a leaked video recorded more than a decade ago.

In the audio obtained by The Washington Post and NBC News, Trump talks lewdly about kissing and groping women. Unaware that his mic was hot, Trump was recorded during a bus ride with Billy Bush, then of "Access Hollywood," before a cameo appearance on a soap opera. 

Politicians of both parties have since come out to comment on the matter. Pennsylvania's Democrats have pounced the decade-old statements. The state's Republicans, however, have also come forward – some denouncing the behavior while others excused.

  • Republican Sen. Pat Toomey called the comments "outrageous and unacceptable" on Twitter while Ryan Costello, who is running for Congress, called them "inappropriate."

    "As a husband and a father of two daughters, I find Donald Trump's comments about women to be lewd, inappropriate and appalling," State Senator Lloyd Smucker representing parts of York and Lancaster counties. "I strongly denounce these offensive comments"

    Republican Congressman Pat Meehan, who represents parts of Delaware County, Chester and Montgomery counties, went so far as to call for Trump to end his campaign.

    “For the good of the country, the Republican Party, and his family, I hope he’ll step aside and end his candidacy for President so that we can come together as a party and defeat Hillary Clinton," Meehan said, according to CBSPhilly

    Though, Rob Gleason, the state's GOP chairman didn't denounce his support, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Saturday.

    “Today people are making a big deal about things that Donald Trump said 11 years ago, and maybe they should. But as we're talking about this, women and children are being killed in Aleppo and there are many life-and-death issues that we have to deal with,” Gleason said, according to the newspaper. “Donald Trump has a plan for dealing with them. I'm very comfortable moving forward with him.”

    Brian Fitzpatrick, who is seeking a Congressional seat representing Bucks County, called the comments "offensive and disgusting."

    These statements, however, are just a handful of many officials and leaders coming forward as the nation inches toward a general election that's a month away.

    Both Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton have been campaigning fiercely in Pennsylvania, a battleground state. The last day to register to vote in the state is Oct. 11.

    The second presidential debate, moderated by CNN's Anderson Cooper, will air Sunday evening.