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June 20, 2015

Paul McCartney signs fan's tattoo on stage, #OverheardAtFirefly, and more festival highlights

If you were actually able to score tickets to the Firefly Music Festival at the Woodlands at Dover International Speedway this weekend, you're probably too busy either rocking out or crashing in your tent to read this.

For the rest of us who weren't so lucky, here's a few highlights from the 4th annual event so far:

Paul McCartney signs fan's tattoo of his face on stage

Before giving a vintage rendition of The Beatles classic headbanger "Helter Skelter," headliner Paul McCartney welcomed a fan onstage Friday night who wanted him to sign a tattoo she had of the singer's face. Watch as the 73-year-old McCartney makes the girl's dream come true, followed by an impressive performance from the aging rocker. 


With any music festival the size of Firefly, you're bound to hear some wacky and hilarious things while strolling from show to show. Here's some of the funniest lines overheard at this year's festival:

Firefly fashion trends: Matching couples

According to Delaware Online, along with ironic t-shirts and oversized accessories (both already staples at similar festivals), the new trend this year are couples that match. Per Delaware Online: 
Halloween isn't the only opportunity to play matchy-matchy with your honey. Firefly couples up the ante with superhero capes, trashy Americana board shorts and semi-offensive headdresses.

While PhillyVoice could not confirm the relationship status of any of the following people, here are some pictures of people matching at Firefly: 

Dover Police try new approach to festival drugs

Finally, it should come as a shock to no one that drugs can often be prevalent at festivals like Firefly. To combat substances entering the event, Dover Police tried a new tactic. Per WBOC 16
As music fans enter the festival, they'll find what police call an "Amnesty Box" out front of the main entrance.
"What this will allow people to do is go up and anything illegal they may have on their person that they do not want to be caught with, they will have the opportunity to put it in this box. They will have no consequences or repercussions from doing so," said Lt. Jason Pires, a spokesman for Dover PD.

The festival concludes Sunday, June 21.