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Philly member of 'Skipworth' drug ring sentenced to 26 years in federal prison

drug dealer sentenced pa


Feds charge 11 people in alleged Northeast Philly, South Jersey heroin ring

FBI Philly Division


Temple researchers to study promising cocaine addiction treatment

Temple Cocaine Study

Health News

Remdesivir could be authorized as emergency COVID-19 treatment, report says

043020 remdesivir fauci.jpg


Remdesivir fails to meet expectations as COVID-19 treatment in first clinical trial

Remdesivir early results

Health News

Penn Medicine launches hydroxychloroquine trial to evaluate COVID-19 treatment possibility

Penn Medicine launches trial to evaluate hydroxychloroquine as possible COVID-19 treatment

Health News

Amazon's Alexa can now answer common medication questions

Amazon's Alexa can now answer common medication questions


Most American adults should be screened for hepatitis C, health officials say

New U.S. guidelines call for most adults to be screened for hepatitis C


New Jersey man used his pickup truck as meth lab

Meth lab pickup truck


Former drug exec who killed wife in 2004 now in trouble for selling fake cancer cures for dogs

Jonathan Nyce Dog Cancer


'Operation Zombie' uncovers gun and drug trafficking scheme in Philly, Camden

Gun trafficking Philadelphia Zombie

Health News

Does Tylenol cause cancer? California considers declaring acetaminophen a carcinogen

Tylenol Acetaminophen Cancer Carcinogen

Women's Health

New medication may be an alternative to surgery for some women with fibroids

Heavy Bleeding Menstrual Pad


Alleged New Jersey drug network busted for selling THC-infused Sour Patch kids, vape cartridges

THC Candy Defendants


Nearly as many teens are vaping marijuana as nicotine, NIH reports

Vaping Marijuana


Common heartburn drugs could increase risk of stomach bugs

PPI Heartburn


Not yesterday's cocaine: Death toll rising from tainted drug

Cocaine Making a Comeback


New Jersey man arrested, after backyard chase, with $100K in cocaine he received through mail, police say

Ewing New Jersey police chase

Mental Health

Potential game-changing migraine medication passes large-scale clinical trial

Migraine drug research


South Dakota's bizarre anti-meth campaign draws ridicule

South Dakota Meth


These habits can increase the risk of birth defects

Habits that increase the risk of birth defects


Vitamin E acetate may have caused some vaping illnesses, CDC says

Vaping crisis breakthrough Vitamin E acetate


Most high school vapers prefer Juul e-cigarettes

High school students prefer Juul e-cigarettes, survey finds

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FDA keeps brand-name drugs on a fast path to market – despite manufacturing concerns

FDA approval of brand-name drugs


Suspected heroin found in child's Halloween candy in Cape May County

Heroin Halloween candy Cape May


Alaska remains the only state without a vaping-related illness

Vaping Illnesses Alaska

Alternative Medicine

Pennsylvania ACLU sues to allow people on probation to use medical marijuana

ACLU Medical Marijuana lebanon county


Pennsylvania police department warns parents about THC candy after Nerds Rope drug bust

Nerds rope THC drug bust


Former corrections officer smuggled fentanyl, marijuana into New Jersey prison in exchange for bribes

Carroll - Police lights arrests crime


Stroudsburg man arrested in Utah for transporting 86 pounds of meth

Utah meth Pennsylvania driver


Vaping-related illnesses now surpass 1,000

Surge of vaping illnesses expected to continue


Proposed Philly supervised injection site doesn't violate federal laws, judge rules

Opioids pills needles


Here's what you need to know about the youth vaping epidemic

Youth vaping epidemic


THC products the 'most prominent link' among vaping-related illnesses

THC Vaping-related Illnesses


Chester County parents arrested after 11-month-old ingests, overdoses on heroin while they slept

infant heroin overdose


Vaping-related lung disease deaths hit double-digits

Vaping related deaths reach double digits


Pennsylvania has at least 17 vaping-related lung disease cases

vaping death lungs


Man on LSD broke into State College restaurant, cooked meal, gave himself $3,000 refund and stole car

Bailer Alger mugshot


Bucks County dump truck driver allegedly was high, sleep-deprived, when he crashed into N.J. house

dump truck driver crash


A sixth person has died of a vaping-related lung illness

Vaping Pen THC FLickr 09102019

Men's Health

FDA wants more men in clinical trials of breast cancer drugs

Breast cancer in men


Vaping may make your lungs more vulnerable to infections, study finds

Vaping may make your lungs more vulnerable to infections, study finds

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