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April 03, 2018

Don’t freak out but Michael B. Jordan is training at this local gym

Find out where he's staying fit while filming 'Creed II'

Filming for “Creed II” kicked off in Philadelphia this week, commemorated with an Instagram post from Sylvester Stallone shot during Monday’s rain-snow-hail storm, giving us a glimpse of his on-set trailer.

As filming continues throughout the month, however, there’s a chance you could get a whole lot closer to the movie’s stars beyond social media. While run-ins with filming during your daily life in Philly are possible, you might come face to face with some of the movie’s leads when you least expect it – like when you’re at the gym.

Michael B. Jordan, who stars in “Creed II” to reprise the role of Adonis Creed, is using local gym chain Sweat Fitness to stay in shape while shooting in Philly. His trainer, Corey Calliet, revealed to Philly Mag that he and Jordan typically work out at the gym, specifically at Sweat's Old City location. 

“We work there some of the time, not all of the time,” Calliet said to the magazine. “It all depends on what time it is because sometimes it gets crowded and everybody wants to talk to us.”

For those moments when everybody is crowding the “Black Panther” star, they usually trade in the gym for the apartment complex where they’re staying.

Also spotted at Sweat lately is Dolph Lundgren, known for playing Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV” and reprising the role in “Creed II.”

So, the lesson here is, if you see Michael B. Jordan working out near you at Sweat Fitness, BE COOL. STAY CALM. 

Did you see the otherworldy transformation he underwent to muscle up for "Black Panther"? He's probably deep in the zone while working out, so if you bother him he might never come back, and then how are we going to convince ourselves to go to the gym?