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Only 1 in 4 people get enough exercise; here's how to squeeze more physical activity into the day

Federal fitness guidelines


What are muscle knots and how can they be treated?

Muscle knot

Men's Health

Post-traumatic growth proves people often adopt healthy lifestyles despite adversity

Post Traumatic Growth

Mental Health

Need motivation to exercise? Listening to music can be a difference maker

Music Workout Performance


Most Americans have poor cardiometabolic health – here's what they can do to change that

Cardiometabolic health

Men's Health

Summer makes a great time to revisit your resolutions to live healthier

Summer Beach Exercise


Short, intense workouts may be a better exercise option for teens

Teen Exercise Recommendations


Child care programs often don't provide enough physical activity, scientists say

Physical activity day care


A boom in fitness trackers isn't leading to a surge in physical activity

Fitness Trackers Movement


Planet Fitness offers free gym memberships to high school students this summer

Planet Fitness Teens Free

Health News

Even half the recommended amount of exercise can help beat depression

Exercise Depression Risk


Exercise particularly boosts heart health of people with anxiety or depression, study finds

Exercise Heart Health


World champion kickboxer from Norristown opens gym in Center City

10 Hands Gym


Tom Brady’s health and wellness company TB12 Sports opens location in South Philly

Tom Brady TB12 Method Philly

Mental Health

Compulsive exercise can be a sign of an eating disorder, experts say

Compulsive Exercise


Setting goals with a fitness tracker can help keep people motivated to exercise, experts say

Fitness trackers


Don't focus on weight alone when trying to stick to your New Year's fitness resolutions, experts say

Health benefits of exercise

Men's Health

In a time of uncertainty, a healthy lifestyle is a dependable benefit

Healthy Lifestyle Exercise


Runner stabbed Christmas morning on MLK Drive describes being attacked

Runner stabbed mlk drive


Adding HITT to your workout routine can improve your heart and brain health

HIIT health benefits


The 'runner's high' may result from molecules called cannabinoids – the body’s own version of THC and CBD

Runner's High

Adult Health

Blood pressure has spiked during the pandemic, but these tips can help you lower yours

High Blood Pressure Pandemic

Men's Health

The prevalence of low testosterone should motivate men to adopt healthier lifestyles

Weight Lifting


To make exercise a habit, start with a plan and find ways to make it fun

Exercise Habits Sit-up

Men's Health

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is good for your eyes and teeth, too

Exercise Benefits Vision Teeth

Men's Health

Hot weather can make outdoor exercise a challenge — but it can be overcome

Summer Exercise Hot Weather


Stay safe in the summer heat with these hydration tips

Proper hydration

Women's Health

Menopause symptoms differ for every woman — and so does treatment



Acute COVID-19 cases can lead to diabetes, studies show

Diabetes COVID-19


Combine cardio and strength-training during your next workout

Running Philadelphia

Women's Health

Poorly managed gestational diabetes can lead to complications for mom and baby

Controlling gestational diabetes


Planks make for a simple, yet perfect, core workout

Plank Core Workouts.jpg


MLK Drive to reopen to vehicles in August

MLK Drive Philly cars


The pandemic is making you age faster: Here's what you can do to slow it down

Aging Pandemic


Need a challenging, but interesting, workout? Try a pyramid

Pyramid Workout

Men's Health

Better together: Partners up the odds of living healthy

Louis Bezich Relationships


Pushups and pull-ups are the only upper body exercises you really need

Pushup form


Five anxiety-fighting exercises you can do at home

young woman working out from home, online workout on laptop


Make exercise part of your daily routine by ensuring it's not a chore

Daily Workout Routine


Squeeze 11 minutes of exercise into your day — it could help you live longer

Exercise 11 minutes


Fitness trackers get users to walk an extra mile every day, study shows

steps health benefits


Cardio workouts don't all look the same – and they don't necessarily involve running

cardio workout mountain climber

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