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October 30, 2018

Today is National Candy Corn Day and, surprise, the Internet is still divided about the seasonal treat

Join the debate yourself with #NationalCandyCornDay

Halloween Candy
Candy corn Element5 Digital/Pexels

Oct. 30 is National Candy Corn Day.

Every Halloween I pray the contentious debate surrounding candy corn will be drowned out by a never-ending loop of "Hocus Pocus." And before today, we somehow had managed to escape the divisive argument over the kernel-shaped, tricolored seasonal treats.

We almost made it Halloween unscathed. 

It wasn't until the the Hallmark card gods punished us for too many Gritty Halloween costumes and left us with National Candy Corn Day — complete with a lazy Twitter hashtag — to really get the conversation started.

So here we are. 

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The candy corn controversy is not complicated or dense. It's simply a bad candy. It's chalk-like, coats your teeth with artificial sugars and dyes, and tastes like absolutely nothing. I get it. We all get it. 

But maybe just for the sake of taking the road less traveled, I venture to say candy corn is a true Halloween delight and I alone revel in that time when it litters grocery store shelves untouched and unnoticed. 

I put together a swan song of tweets and peppered in some of the opposition to help you celebrate #NationalCandyCornDay. (Yes, it was hard to find positive tweets.)

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