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Healthy Eating

The spooky and dangerous side of black licorice

Black Licorice Health Effects


Candytopia hosts special Halloween celebration with seasonal decor, treats


Food & Drink

Free Insomnia Cookies for customers who come to stores dressed in Halloween costumes

Insomnia Cookies

Food & Drink

Insomnia Cookies uses Irish potatoes, a Philly tradition, as inspiration for new flavor

Insomnia Cookies Irish Potato Cookie

U.S. Senate

Sen. Pat Toomey put in charge of ‘candy desk’ during President Trump’s impeachment trial

Food & Drink

Treat yourself to fancy chocolates in honor of Halloween

Shane Confectionery

Food & Drink

Jet Wine Bar, Bluebird Distilling and Philadelphia Brewing Co. offering creative candy pairings for Halloween

Bluebird Distilling Halloween candy and spirits pairings

Food & Drink

Local beers to pair with your favorite Halloween candy

Candy and beer pairings for Halloween 2019


Pennsylvania police department warns parents about THC candy after Nerds Rope drug bust

Nerds rope THC drug bust

Healthy Eating

Most Philly stores primarily sell unhealthy foods, city report finds

Philly food stores unhealthy snacks


Candytopia coming to Philadelphia's Fashion District for limited time

Candytopia coming to Fashion District Philadelphia

Healthy Eating

Nestle creates game-changing chocolate – and holds the added sugar

nestle chocolate no added sugar

Family Friendly

It's a Peeps show

peeps rainbow

Odd News

Pa.-based maker of Mike and Ike candy facing lawsuit over half-empty boxes

Mike and Ike Candies


Peeps new flavors include cotton candy, pancakes and syrup, root beer float and more

Food & Drink

Peeps will open its Bethlehem factory to the public for the first time ever


FDA warns that products from popular chocolatier may be contaminated with hepatitis A

bauer candy


Hershey's Kisses all have broken tips right now, and no one knows why

Hershey kisses

Food and Drink

The most hated Christmas candies are...

Christmas Candy


Zitner's Christmas candy, including Krak Kringle DeLights, now available

Zitner's Christmas Candy


Jersey Shore's iconic Fralinger's salt water taffy maker files for bankruptcy

Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy

Health News

The scientific reason you can’t eat just one piece of Halloween candy



Today is National Candy Corn Day and, surprise, the Internet is still divided about the seasonal treat

Candy corn

Adult Health

This 'healthier' Halloween candy option is not worth your time – and 'troubles'


Odd News

Police were asked to investigate a bag of (candy) penises sent to New Jersey mayor

Dysfuctional Veterans candy penises

Food & Drink

Beer, Booze, and Boos is what your inner child needs

Bluebird Distilling

Food & Drink

Chaddsford Winery makes it so adults don't have to give up trick-or-treating

Adult trick-or-treating at Chaddsford Winery

Food & Drink

Kourtney Kardashian hosting Sugar Factory grand opening in Atlantic City


Federal Donuts made a Peeps-inspired doughnut that looks way better than actual Peeps



And the most popular jelly bean flavors in America are...

Valentine's Day

Shocking news: Hershey's Kisses aren't Pennsylvania's most popular Valentine's Day candy


Was it really ever acceptable to spell Pennsylvania with one 'n'?


New Jersey health department: Watch out for marijuana Halloween candy


Map: No, Hershey's isn't Pennsylvania's favorite Halloween candy

Food & Drink

Adults can go trick-or-treating at this local winery

Bad For You

Bad For You - Sweet Heat Skittles and Starburst



The Reese’s bat gives us a non-pumpkin spice reason to get excited for fall

reese's bat

Bad For You

Bad For You - Caramel M&M’s



Skittles accused of racism, defended for colorless Pride Month candy



Kinder Eggs will soon hit store shelves in the U.S.

Kinder Joy eggs


Spicy candy? Skittles and Starburst 'Sweet Heat' flavors coming to store shelves this year

Bad For You

Bad For You - Hershey’s 'Flavors of America' candy bars

Carroll - Bad For You Candy