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July 19, 2019

Nestle creates game-changing chocolate – and holds the added sugar

Revolutionary recipe substitutes pulp and beans from cocoa plant

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nestle chocolate no added sugar Charisse Kenion/Unsplash

Chocolate, an indulgence lacking from many diets and eating plans, may be the most difficult to give up. Nor is it easily replicated with healthier substitutions.

Now, choco-holics may be able to enjoy their favorite sweet while sticking to their added sugar-free diet.

Nestle, one of the biggest chocolate producers in the world, has found a way to produce chocolate without added sugar by calling upon the beans and pulp from cocoa plants as a natural sweetener, CBS reports.

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The Swiss manufacturer's 70-percent dark chocolate recipe uses about 40 percent less sugar and will feature “no compromise on taste, texture and quality,” the network reported.

The company will begin selling KitKat bars made with the new ingredients in Japan this fall, according to Bloomberg, which noted it is believe the process  reports could easily be applied to Nestle’s milk and white chocolate recipes in the future.  

Of course, this development arises to meet the modern consumer’s need for healthier products, but it also seems to be a more sustainable option, using previously discarded plant material to the benefit of the product, consumer and planet.

It’s worth noting, however, that Nestle sold its U.S. business to Ferrero last year, per Bloomberg. Additionally, here in the United States, KitKat candy bars are made by Hershey.

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