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June 28, 2018

New café and gelato shop offering online reservations opens today in Kensington

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Flow State CoffeeBar. Kristine Muller/Flow State CoffeeBar

Flow State CoffeeBar.

Flow State CoffeeBar, a brand new shop selling coffee, tea, pastries, and small-batch gelato, is now open on Frankford Avenue.

Flow State is co-owned by Maggie Lee, a Philadelphia native, along with Melanie Diamond-Manlusloc and her wife Liz, who moved to the city from Chicago last year after Melanie spent years developing a prestigious rep in the Chicago dining scene for her pastry, dessert and gelato.

After a year renovating the shop space at 2413 Frankford Ave. the trio is finally ready to open Flow State for business after completing some last-minute inspections, Eater reported earlier this week.

Thursday marks the shop's first day in business with a soft opening in the morning.

In addition to scoring coffee, cookies, and gelato (or some combination of all of those), the three founders wanted to foster an environment that's welcoming of coffee shop laptop workers – even offering online table reservation for those planning to settle in and work. 

It seems like a good deal for both patrons and the owners, especially to avoid laptop workers who can quickly turn into loiterers: customers can pay $12 and get three hours of high-speed Internet, unlimited drip coffee, and one pastry. There are other pricing options if you want to order more.

Check out the shop's updates on its Facebook