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June 17, 2019

Former Eagles QB Nick Foles was a 'Jeopardy!' answer on Monday night

The legacy of Nick Foles will always be a special part of NFL history, marking a rare accomplishment for both the Philadelphia Eagles and for the backup quarterback who returned from the brink of retirement

Even with Foles gone in Jacksonville, his legendary MVP performance in Super Bowl LII remains a marvel to football fans.

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Like most things in American life, the measure of transcendent success is an appearance on "Jeopardy!"

That's where Foles ended up on Monday night as the show continued its 2019 Teen Tournament. The category for the question was ESPY Winners. It was a pretty easy $1,000 for the leading contestant to snap up.

There were also some funny reactions on Twitter to Foles' landing on "Jeopardy!" (Some of them NSFW, albeit predictable).

Gratitude to Foles for an immortal performance that continues to elevate Philadelphia.