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March 19, 2015

D.A. Williams: No charges in shooting death of Brandon Tate-Brown

'Facts show tragedy, not crime'

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Seth Williams Matt Rourke/AP

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced Thursday that no charges will be filed against the Philadelphia police officers involved in the December shooting death of Brandon Tate-Brown, NBC10 reports.

"The facts show a tragedy, a terrible tragedy, but not a crime," Williams said during a news conference Thursday at his Center City office.

Tate-Brown was shot and killed by Philadelphia police on the 6600 block of Frankford Ave. on Dec. 15. Police said he reached for a loaded gun in his rental car during a routine traffic stop. 

"My team and I have spent hours reviewing statements from multiple witnesses and Philadelphia Police Officers, video from three different locations, DNA and ballistic information, the actions of Philadelphia Police Officers and Mr. Tate-Brown, and extensive physical evidence," Williams said in a statement. "All the evidence indicates that Mr. Tate-Brown, after repeatedly struggling with officers, appeared to be reaching for an illegal handgun at the time he was shot."

Many were quick to react to the news of the decision on Twitter.

Tate-Brown served five years in prison for aggravated assault after a 2007 beating where he was charged with attempted murder. According to court records, he also pleaded guilty to weapons charges during his 2008 trial for attempted murder.

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