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April 05, 2019

5 New Jersey schools closed Friday due to stomach bug outbreak

District moves to prevent spread of illness after nearly half of middle school students were out sick

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Five central New Jersey schools are closed Friday due to a stomach bug outbreak.

According to the Associated Press, the action in Ocean Township comes as an act “out of an abundance of caution” after the illness kept many students home sick this week.

The illness has mainly affected students in Monmouth County district's middle school, but all five schools were closed, the AP said. The district's schools include Ocean Township High School, Township of Ocean Intermediate School, Ocean Township Elementary School, Wanamassa Elementary School and Wayside Elementary School. 

Superintendent of Schools James Stefankiewicz penned an announcement to parents alerting them of the illness and school closures and noting the district saw a 45 percent absence rate on Thursday, a spike in comparison to the “normal” rate of six percent. 

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Stefankiewicz said all schools were cleaned thoroughly Tuesday and Wednesday evenings “with the strongest possible cleaning agent.” Further, he assured that all district school buses have been cleaned and sanitized.

The school district is reportedly working with Monmouth County Regional Health Commission to ensure their adherence to state health guidelines and will continue to monitor the stomach bug outbreak in tandem with the agency, Stefankiewicz explained.

The school district asks that parents remain vigilant over their children. “We now recommend that your child stay home for at least 48 hours after being symptom-free,” Stefankiewicz wrote.

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