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June 07, 2017

Pa. Sen. Scott Wagner to John Oliver: Sure your 'super liberal viewers' got 'big laugh'

Pennsylvania state Sen. and gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner has shot back at comedian John Oliver calling him an "idiot" on his show Sunday night.

In a segment about President Donald Trump withdrawing from the Paris global climate agreement, Oliver skewered Wagner for his comments in March that suggested the Earth moving closer to the sun and humans' "warm bodies" may be partly responsible for climate change.

"I don't even know where to begin there. I mean, yes, the Earth does move closer to the sun every year, but then it moves further away from the sun because that is what a f--king year is," Oliver said of Wagner's comments.

"Our body heat is not warming the planet, and we are clearly not doing the best we can because we keep putting idiots like Scott Wagner in positions of power."

Wagner, who's vying for the Republican nomination to challenge Gov. Tom Wolf in 2018, posted a video to Facebook Tuesday afternoon responding to Oliver's dig and requesting to come on the show.

In the video, Wagner jokes that Oliver is "probably not out of bed yet" and says that he missed the show because he had to get up early Monday morning.

"John, I just want to thank you for putting my picture and my name on national TV," Wagner says in the video. "I'd love to go on your show sometime; you and I could have a lot of fun."

He says he's sure all of Oliver's "super liberal viewers got a big laugh" out of everyone in "flyover country in Pennsylvania," adding that the comedian saved him "millions of dollars in media advertising."