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April 04, 2015

Packable lunches: Use your leftover Easter eggs

From egg salad to deviled eggs, your pretty dyed eggs don't have to go to waste

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04022015_EggSalad Grace Dickinson/

Spring salad with hard-boiled egg and feta

If you're one to partake in Easter festivities like dyeing eggs, you may find that you'll have a bunch left over following the holiday.

Why let them go to waste when you could make use of them in your lunches for the week?

Here are a few ways you can turn those hard-boiled eggs into the perfect packable lunch.

1. Spring salad with hard-boiled egg and feta

Local blogger Grace Dickinson says the warming weather of springtime is the perfect inspiration for this fresh and healthy salad of eggs and greens on her blog,

Salads like these frequently grace my diet, and leave me feeling every bit as fresh and lively as the produce that fills them. Quick and simple, they also leave me time to go wander around outside. Feel free to add nuts or toasted seeds to this for a little extra crunch, and perhaps pair it with a side of buttered toast, which will compliment both the eggs and greens.

Salads are an easy meal to make in advance. And don't forget, mason jars make great salad containers.

See the recipe.


Spring salad with hard-boiled egg and feta (GRACE DICKINSON/FOODFITNESSFRESHAIR.COM)

2. Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are easy to make, and you can mix up the flavor by adding your favorite spices to the yolk mixture. Try some fun toppings like crumbled cooked bacon, chopped cooked asparagus or chopped fresh herbs for some extra flair. 

Deviled eggs (MATTHEW MEAD/AP)

3. Egg salad sandwich or crackers

Egg salad seems like the obvious use for leftover hard-boiled eggs, but it should not be overlooked. You can spruce up the traditional recipe by adding spices or cutting up fresh avocado to mix in. 

You can pack your egg salad as a sandwich or bring along some crackers.

Egg salad sandwich (MATTHEW MEAD/AP)

4. Hard-boiled eggs as a snack

Don't forget that hard-boiled eggs can make for a quick, protein-packed snack. Pack them along with the lunch of your choice and enjoy. Plus, they'll be a pretty and colorful addition to your lunchbox.

Dyed hard-boiled eggs (SARAH BARRAND/AP)

P.S. This should go without saying, but be sure not to use any of your dyed eggs that appear to be cracked or were left sitting out in the yard all day.