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March 21, 2015

Packable lunches: Mason jar salad

It's all about the layering

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Mason jars are a practical way to pack your salad for lunch and keep it fresh for longer.

Packing lunch can sometimes be a hassle. And now that it is officially spring, it's time to pack healthy meals and get that beach bod in shape. 

Salads are great, easy-to-prep meals, but if they are not packed well, they can get soggy and messy. Enter: the mason jar.

Mason jars make practical containers for a variety of foods. They're better for the environment and easy to clean. When it comes to salads, they allow you to better layer your ingredients to avoid sogginess. Plus, since salad in a jar will stay fresher for longer, you can pack a week's worth of meals in advance.


The perfect mason jar salad is all about the layering. (LET'S LASSO THE MOON/FACEBOOK)

The key to a fresh and delicious mason jar salad is proper layering of ingredients.

Wet items, like dressing, tomatoes and cucumbers, should be at the bottom. Moisture-resistant vegetables, like carrots, should come next, followed by other veggies of your choice. Finally, the top layer is made up of protein and dry ingredients, like nuts, greens and pasta. 

Once sealed, your salad is all ready to go. Store it in the fridge, and when you're ready to eat it, just shake and enjoy.

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