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November 06, 2017

Penn State professor promises to tweet exam page, then trolls students

Penn State economics professor Jadrian Wooten made a promise to his students on Twitter on Sunday: Get this tweet retweeted 250 times, and I'll release a page from your upcoming exam.


Yeah, not really. Wooten's tweet got retweeted 250 times, and instead of posting pictures of actual questions from his exam, he posted the instructions page at the front of the test, hence not giving away anything.

Apparently, Wooten performs this little trick on his students with regularity. Per the Daily Collegian:

"The page that I post is always the first page of the exam, which is the instructions page," Wooten said. "Some students are quick enough to catch that when I first tweet about it. A lot of former students will "like" the post because they remember me doing it to them during their semester."

Wooten told the student newspaper he does this to help ease students' stress before exams. For some, the professor's trolling simply stings.