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April 16, 2019

Eagles' Malik Jackson snipes at Le'Veon Bell Instagram post

Former Pittsburgh Steelers and social media don't mix very well these days. 

First, the Raiders' Antonio Brown. Now, the Jets' Le'Veon Bell — and it involves a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Defensive tackle Malik Jackson, who signed with Philadelphia this offseason, played for the Jacksonville Jaguars during the year of the Eagles' Super Bowl run.

In the divisional round of the AFC Playoffs, the Jags took on the Steelers in Pittsburgh, where they jumped out to a shocking early lead before the game got tight in the second half. Jackson wore a microphone during the game, capturing the sounds of both his highlights and lowlights in the eventual win.

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At one point, Bell broke off a nice gain with a devastating cut that left Jackson stumbling to the field. On the sideline, Jackson admitted Bell "broke his legs" on the play. That's the clip bell posted on Instagram on Monday.

When Jackson caught wind of the post, he responded by calling Bell a "lame a**" for only sharing a portion of the "Mic'd Up" montage from that game (Note: The Instagram post doesn't contain sound, but the YouTube video further below does).

At one point in the game, Jackson taunted Bell for looking past the Jaguars earlier that week. Bell predicted (assumed, really) the Steelers would be playing the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. 

“You going to the Patriots?" Jackson asked. "Where the Patriots at?” 

To his credit, Bell later posted a follow-up to Jackson's response, according to PFT.

“For whatever reason Malik Jackson took my post as if I’m tryin to make him look bad and that’s not the case at all,” Bell wrote. “Look, bro, I respect your game. We all know y’all won that game, you played well in that game too so I’m posting this too. I’m all positive vibes this way bro.”

When Jackson arrived in Philly, he said that one of the reasons he fell out of favor in Jacksonville last year was that the coaches weren't happy with his run defense. The Eagles have a date with the Jets this season. That will be Jackson's chance to prove his legs are just fine against Bell.