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March 13, 2016

Philadelphia police seize 53 ATV's and dirtbikes in citywide sweep

Officials say crackdown on illegal vehicles is a public safety measure

The Philadelphia Police Department announced Sunday that it seized 53 ATV's dirtbikes in a citywide sweep to eliminate the banned vehicles.

According to authorities, the 53 vehicles have all been placed in the police department's impound lot, NBC 10 reports.

In addition to the seizures, police said they arrested a Camden man who allegedly fled from officers during the crackdown. The suspect, who was not identified, faces charges of felony fleeing.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Dennis Wilson said the decision to seize the vehicles was a matter of adhering to the law and protecting public safety, adding there have been several fatalities linked to ATV's and dirtbikes.

The vehicles are illegal in Philadelphia but remain popular during the warm weather months. Police said the crackdown came early this year in order to get ahead of that trend.