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May 09, 2017

Philly gallery giving away historic prints to art and history teachers

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The Grand Review The Grand Review/Craigslist

The Grand Review art gallery in West Philly is giving away historic prints to the city's public school teachers.

At a time when schools are reportedly starving for more arts and culture education, one Philadelphia gallery is offering to help local teachers with a steal of a deal.

The Grand Review, located in West Philly's Overbrook Farms neighborhood, said in a Craigslist ad that it's offering pieces from its collection of historical prints to art and history teachers in the city's public schools — free of charge.

The ad reads:

At our studio in Overbrook Farms, I have easily 200 prints that are proofs and seconds, all part of the digital restoration and printing process here at The Grand Review. These are available for free to any art teachers or history teachers in the public schools. You can have one or a dozen or half a gross if it pleases you and you have a genuine use, even if you put them in a goddam flat file and use them over time.

The ad notes that if a teacher wants a print available in the store but not in the free stack, the gallery will create a copy, as long as the teacher sends a picture or story showing how the print works into their lesson plans.

The Grand Review/Craigslist

The Grand Review is giving away historic prints to Philly's public school teachers.

The Grand Review curates a "delightful yet obscure" collection of historic imagery from throughout the Delaware Valley and mid-Atlantic regions, reworking and restoring the images into large prints.

Most prints on the gallery's online store range from about $30-$50. But again, if you're a public school teacher in Philly who can find an educational use for one or more, you can get those prints for free.

Interested teachers can find contact info for The Grand Review here.