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October 25, 2017

This is Philly's most popular Halloween costume of 2017

How original is your costume?

Halloween weekend is on its way, which means social media feeds everywhere will soon be flooded with the best and the worst of this year’s holiday costumes.

If you celebrated last year, you probably saw a fair amount of Pokémon, Harley Quinn and "Ghostbuster" revival costumes around the Halloween party circuit. So what will be this year’s most popular costumes?

As most of us take to Google to do some costume research, the search engine recently unveiled its 2017 Google Frightgeist tool, revealing which costumes are trending on a national and local level, as well as how popular any given costume is nationwide.

Across the country, Wonder Woman is the most searched costume, no doubt thanks to the feature film released earlier this year. Over time, it appears Wonder Woman costume searches have increased gradually since 2004, with a spike this year and last.

Second nationally to Wonder Woman is Harley Quinn, though the costume is trending down significantly since 2016 following the release of “Suicide Squad.” Clowns are the third most searched costume but are also trending down compared to search levels last year.

Trending upward is the fourth most searched costume nationally: the unicorn. Though unicorn costumes have seen a gradual increase in search since 2004, the costume has jumped in popularity in the last few years during the age of Instagram.

Other costumes seeing an upward trend this year include Moana (No. 12 nationally), IT (No. 16), Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” (No. 21), Spider-Man (No. 28), Power Rangers (No. 43) and Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones” (No. 46). Philadelphia actually produced the second most searches for Daenerys costumes after Las Vegas.

Though costumes for Wonder Woman are reportedly most searched for in the city of Parkersburg, West Virginia, it is the leading costume searched in and around the Philadelphia area as well. Google’s costume map also highlights the most searched costume in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is the cartoon "PAW Patrol," which ranks No. 47 nationally.

Making the transition from presidential candidate to actual president hasn't helped the search for Donald Trump costumes, which fell at No. 71 nationally after an enormous spike last year.

So, if you already have your costume picked out, you can type it into Google Frightgeist to gauge how original you actually are and how likely it is you’ll find a costume dupe. If you’re still putting off getting a costume, you can try out the Costume Wizard option that will find a costume for you based on your tastes.