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November 13, 2015

PhillyVoice's 'Quotes of the Week' quiz

How much you remember from the week that just was?

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Quotes Quiz Week One Brian Hickey's Lovingly Created Photoshop Mashup/PhillyVoice

Several of the sources for quotes in this week's Quiz.

Starting today – Friday, Nov. 13, 2015 – PhillyVoice will bring you a weekly quiz about quotes that appeared in our stories over the past week. This will be fun and educational!

The quotes will come from a wide array of topics, so if you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition (in a contest for which the prize is personal pride), keep reading stories from the worlds of news, entertainment and sports.

Spoiler alert: The answers are tucked down at the bottom of each post (with the context available via hyperlink). Keep this in mind, though: We will know – and tell everybody – if we find out you scrolled down and then illicitly claimed you went 10 for 10. Real talk.

Now that all the introductory work is complete, away we go!

Addie Weyrich

Possible answers:

William Brennan (attorney, Brendan Creato case); Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan; PhillyVoice Eagles writer Jimmy Kempski; Yahoo Sports Radio Chief Operating Officer and Program Director Craig Larson; Robert Mongeluzzi (attorney, Duck Boat fatality case); National Dog Show host John O’Hurley; Seattle YouTuber Positive Smash; Susan Weiner (executive director of school that adopted medical marijuana policy); "Fox & Friends" foil Addie Weyrich; Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams



2. They remind me of my days on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ doing the quick-step.

3. “I've seen shows where people joke that every celebrity has a sex tape somewhere. Kids absorb that.”

4. “I have reached out to the National Organization for Women on multiple occasions to sit down and discuss this matter in greater detail and to date, they have refused."

5. “The operator said he never saw her."

6. “Very little is as dangerous as a teen with access to social media. If she were my client, I would muzzle her.”

7. "We're about helping children. I know there are so many kids in this state and across the country who can benefit from this.”

8. “You’ve got to start somewhere!”

9. “When I eat alone, I focus more on the food, the flavor, the textures.”

10. What I want to say to everyone is, 'Wear whatever the f--- you want.'

John O'Hurley


1. Kempski (to a question about ESPN “stealing your work” in an Eagles chat)

2. O'Hurley

3. Hogan

4. Williams

5. Mongeluzzi

6. Brennan

7. Weiner

8. Larson

9. Positive Smash

10. Weyrich