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March 16, 2016

PhillyVoice's 'Quotes of the Week' quiz

How much do you remember from the week that just was?

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Quotes Quiz March 18 Photoshop by Brian Hickey/PhillyVoice

Several answers in this week's Quotes Quiz can be found in this image.

Welcome to PhillyVoice’s weekly quiz about quotes that appeared in our stories during the past week.

The following quotes come from a wide array of topics, so if you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition (in a contest for which the prize is personal pride), keep reading stories from the worlds of news, entertainment and sports.

The answers are tucked at the bottom of each post (with the context available via hyperlink). We will know – and tell everybody – if you scrolled down and illicitly claimed you went 20 for 20. Real talk. 

Your possible answers are:

Dr. Mitch Berger, NFL head, neck and spine committee; Reverend Doctor Lorina Marshall-Blake, president, Independence Blue Cross Foundation; Kelsey Brennaman, PETA “green beauty”; Bill Brennan, attorney for Kathryn Knott; Ryan Broesler, dancer; Christopher Burgos, NJ State Troopers Fraternal Association; Ken Burns, historian; James Clark, captain, Philadelphia Police homicide unit; William Costopoulos, attorney for Pa. Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin; Tommy Doyle, shamrock painter; Thomas Farley, Philadelphia health commissioner; Maikel Franco, Phillies third baseman; Sabrina Hoehne, boutique owner; John Kasich, presidential candidate; Marv Mack, rapper; Larry Otter, attorney for Kasich campaign; Donnell Rawlings, comedian; Deborah Silverstein, associate professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine; T. Milton Street Sr., activist/politico; Seth Williams, Philadelphia District Attorney.


1. “I feel like Kim Kardashian today with all the people taking pictures.”

2. “Something good is going to happen.”

3. "I have a feeling when March Madness ends, Villanova will be the national champion."

4. “If you're voting for 'morality,' you're going to vote against Donald Trump because he's supported by David Duke and some skinheads. Well, 300 people are killed each year in Philadelphia, and Duke or skinheads killed none of them from thousands of miles away. Morality, they're saying, trumps lives. I'm up above that now."

5. "We are in a retrograde moment right now in which the dog whistles of race are with us."

6. "This is the only process I know of in America where you can be charged with sending emails to friends that were inappropriate and face the death penalty."

7. "The governor’s decision-making is predicated on selfish political opportunism, that much is clear.”

8. "With that, the fists start swinging and they go to the ground.”

9. “I can deal with a denial. I can't deal with a non-response or a stonewall."

10. "We certainly encourage people to cut their consumption of sugary drinks. That's definitely a good thing for health." 

11. “I remember going into City Blue and trying to save up my lunch money for a State Prop coat and stuff like that.”

12. “The village was loving, corrected you, looked out for you … and celebrated you, so when you did well, the village did well; I think to some degree that’s what’s missing today.”

13. “Walking out on a tap and leaving your bag inside is not the action of someone who's trying to skip [their] bill! #duh #whodoesthat”

14. "Whether it's from football, whether it's from car accidents, whether it's from gunshot wounds, domestic violence — it remains to be seen."

15. “Visit Philadelphia let Joyce Levitt watch the ledger books and $200,000 of the agency’s money charged out the door.”

16. “I think most people would recommend that if you’re sick, for the welfare of other people in your house but also your pets, you just practice the same good hygiene you would anytime.”

17. “The dancers are so talented. The teachers are talented ... and they’re getting better and better each year.”

18. "You know, when you're drinking, you get really Irish."

19. "It's this experience every young girl dreams about, like their wedding. They dream about their prom."

20. "I would still like the court to decide the case on the basis of facts."


1. Brennaman

2. Franco

3. Kasich

4. Street

5. Burns

6. Costopoulos

7. Burgos

8. Clark

9. Brennan

10. Farley

11. Mack

12. Marshall-Blake

13. Rawlings

14. Berger

15. Williams

16. Silverstein

17. Broesler

18. Doyle

19. Hoehne

20. Otter