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January 05, 2018

Pizzagate conspirators come for Penn grad John Legend

The musician with Philly ties and his supermodel wife, Chrissy Teigen, are not taking the accusations lying down

Did you know that the Pizzagate conspiracy, which posits that Hillary Clinton and the rest of the elite of the Democratic Party are conspiring to traffic children and molest them in a Washington, D.C., pizzeria, has now ensnared Penn alum John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen?

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Adherents of the conspiracy theory, about which local gadfly Howard Caplan screamed at Clinton during her appearance last month at the Academy of Music, have long argued that the massive child molestation cabal also extends to all levels of the entertainment industry. Now, a journalist by the name of Liz Crokin (Chicago Tribune, Us Weekly, Marie Claire) has seized on some social posts by Legend and Teigen, both of whom have massive social media followings, to allege that they’re involved, too.

Crokin’s Twitter feed consists mostly of accusing different people of being pedophiles, while also flogging other debunked conspiracy theories (such as the Seth Rich one), occasionally interrupted by effusive praise of President Donald Trump.

The alleged evidence against Legend and Teigen? Teigen reportedly once tweeted a pizza emoji, and the couple apparently dressed their 1-year-old daughter in Halloween costumes of esoteric significance to the conspiracy theorists. Also, Legend and Teigen were once photographed at a movie premiere with Harvey Weinstein.

It’s pretty nutty stuff. The origins of “Pizzagate” entail a group of Democratic advisers, in emails leaked via Wikileaks, referred to “hot dogs,” “cheese” and “pizza” – which was interpreted by the conspirators as code for “boy, girl and little girl.” And just as John Podesta and friends were actually talking about pizza and other food, Chrissy Teigen used a pizza emoji because…she likes pizza.

As for Weinstein, before he was exposed as a serial sex abuser, a lot of people got their pictures taken with him at public functions, including this guy:

At any rate, Legend and Teigen have fought back, with Teigen denouncing Crokin and others making such accusations, while Twitter acted with uncharacteristic speed in taking away Crokin’s verification checkmark. Meanwhile, Legend explicitly threatened to sue:

If you’re a public figure and you’ve been accused of a terrible crime, with a picture of your young child included, is it best to ignore it, or to threaten legal action? It’s certainly could be hard not to blame Legend and Teigen for opting for the latter.