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December 21, 2015

Elimination season begins now for the Eagles: A look at their playoff scenarios

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Which NFC East team will be less of a dumpster fire than the rest?

The Philadelphia Eagles may or may not make the actual NFL playoffs this season, but if they lose next week to the Washington Redskins, their season is over.

Let's take a look at the Eagles' playoff scenarios the rest of the way:

• If the Eagles beat the Redskins Week 16 and the Giants Week 17, they will win the NFC East. The Eagles still "control their own destiny," in that they don't need any outside help from other teams as long as they win their final two.

• If they lose to the Redskins Week 16, they will be eliminated and can begin thinking about the draft.

• If they beat the Redskins Week 16, but lose Week 17 to the Giants, they will need the Redskins to lose their finale against the Cowboys, and the Giants will have had to have lost their Week 16 game against the Vikings.

So there you have it. The Eagles are 6-8, and don't deserve to still be alive this season. But they are.

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