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December 28, 2015

Police urge caution after several women mugged by armed gunman in Stenton

The Philadelphia Police are urging residents of the city's Stenton neighborhood - near West Oak Lane - to be vigilant after a string of gunpoint robberies targeting women at bus stops have occurred since Dec. 6. 

In each incident, police said, the gunman has been described as a black male in his early to mid-20s, and standing about 5 feet, 8-10 inches, with a light brown complexion, facial freckles, discoloration, and/or mole on his face. 

Police said he has a medium build and has been spotted wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

Law enforcement officials believe this same man is responsible for at least six similar gun-point robberies that have been reported at or near bus stops in the area of Thouron Avenue and Upsal Street since Dec. 6

Police noted, that the victims of each mugging has been female and the gunman has consistently taken the victims' cell phones. 

Police said the incidents occurred at about 8:12 a.m. on Dec 6, at Lower and Upsal streets, then at 6:51 a.m., on Dec. 9 at Cedarbrook and Upsal streets. On Dec. 17, police said, a woman was mugged at about 11:30 a.m. at Thouron Avenue and Phil Ellena Street, while the next day, at 8 a.m., another woman was robbed along the 1300 block of E. Sedgwick Street. 

After the holiday, on Dec. 26, at about 7:42 a.m., police said, a woman was robbed at Cedarbrook and Upsal streets, and finally, on Dec. 28, at about 8:35 a.m. another woman was mugged on the 1200 block of Easton Road.
The Philadelphia Police have offered these tips to help residents protect themselves: walk in groups of at least two using well-traveled, will-lit routes, avoid alleys and isolated places, be alert and aware of your  surroundings, avoid wearing or carrying items that might be distracting, refrain from visibly displaying cell phone or ear buds and report suspicious persons and activity immediately by dialing 911.

Anyone with information is urged to call Philadelphia police at (215) 686-8477 or text a tip to 773847. 

Also, tips can be sent anonymously to police here.