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December 13, 2015

Record high temperatures hit Philadelphia

Warmth makes December feel like Spring

Sunday's high temperatures could potentially break more records for Philadelphia.

According to NBC Philadelphia, the high Saturday hit 69 degrees, which already broke a previous record of 65 degrees for the date set in 1931, and temperatures are expected to hit 70 degrees Sunday, well higher than the average of 46 degrees for this time of year.

Temperatures should hover right above 70 degrees starting around the beginning of the Eagles game at 1 p.m and continue being that warm until around 4 p.m., according to the National Weather Service.

Things will start to cool down only slightly after that, with temperatures dropping to about 60 degrees around 10 p.m.

The Spring-like conditions could set a mark for the region, local weather blog points out.

The website says the record for high temperatures in December is 73 degrees, and Sunday's highs will come close to that.

It's almost sure to beat the record for the previous high in Philly on Dec. 13, which is also 65 degrees.

The warmth is expected to continue Monday but will be accompanied with rain and potentially thunder in the evening.