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February 06, 2018

Reliving the Eagles' Super Bowl win through the eyes of Cowboys, Giants and Redskins fans

During the NFL season, the Cowboys blog has a weekly feature called "Trolling the Nation," in which they scour message boards looking for fans of teams around league watching (and commenting on) Cowboys games as they happen. They then publish those comments on their site.

Welp. A good idea is a good idea, and I'm stealing that jawn. After the Eagles' playoff wins over the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings, I took a look at the comment sections for the live game threads at the SB Nation sites for the CowboysGiants, and Redskins, who find themselves in a similar position as Eagles fans in the playoffs most years – rooting against whoever made the playoffs in the NFC East. 

To note, the Giants' blog ( apparently decided that the SUPER BOWL was not worth discussing, so they did not offer an open thread where their readers could comment. I guess they decided that an Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl was of no interest whatsoever, so they just checked out, and pretended it didn't exist? Lol.

In the aftermath the next day, Big Blue View published an article titled, "Five things the Giants can learn from the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory."

The No. 2 thing was that "Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. really won the Super Bowl," because of their commercial. The No. 3 thing was that the Patriots' dynasty might be cracking, which is almost completely meaningless to the Giants. It seems Giants fans are still in stage one of the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief

So to note, they are not participants below. It's only the Cowboys and Redskins, and mostly the Cowboys, who were highly engaged in rooting against the Birds. Here's what I found this week after the Eagles' Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots.

(Please excuse the typos, as we are running these as-is)


I've gone back and forth on who I want to win. The Eagles losing by 50 is now what I’m rooting for. We all know the day Belichick retires the Patriots will be done. (Cowboys)

I want a repeat of last year's hear-crushing defeat that the Falcons endured. Let Philly have hope, only to see it dashed. (Cowboys)

F*** Philly. (Redskins)

Can’t we just watch a replay of the last Minneapolis Superbowl? (Redskins)

Sadly I will be rooting for the Cheatriots. If the Eagles win this s***, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. (Redskins)

Eagles have impressive drive to start, settle for three

Cowboys could easily run this offense. (Cowboys)

Nice drive Philly haha. (Cowboys)

Philly could make a statement... nope (Cowboys)

Field goals won't beat the Pats. (Cowboys)

Pats answer with 3

If it ends up 3-3, do both teams lose? (Cowboys)

Nick Foles throws TD pass to Alshon Jeffery

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. (Cowboys)

I hate football (Cowboys)

NE defense looks bad; they are lucky they got to play losers to get to the SB. (Cowboys)

If the Eagles win, an apocalyptic volcanic eruption would still be the second-worst thing to happen today. (Cowboys)

Nick Foles is on fire. (Redskins)

Patriots drive the field, only to miss a FG

Please score Brady. You're our only hope. (Cowboys)

And they miss the kick? Wow. I'm not liking the direction this is going. (Cowboys)

I think the Football gods have chosen their winner, and it’s not gonna be pretty. (Cowboys)

Malcolm Jenkins destroys Brandin Cooks with a clean, but vicious hit

Uh, why is that not a flag? (Cowboys)

Oh dear. Head on a swivel, kid. Head on a swivel. (Cowboys)

And Bradin Cooks is knocked out. Helmet to helmet hit it looks like. Sad but it’s the only way to beat the Patriots. (Cowboys)

Brandon Cooks may be unconscious. Got blindsided. No flag. (Cowboys)

You gotta wonder if the owners try to slip in some bribe money to the refs. (Cowboys)

I wish Malcolm Jenkins played for any other team. He’s one of my favorite players in the NFL but I just feel so dirty rooting for him. (Cowboys)

Cooks got blasted! (Redskins)

Pats really going to miss Cooks. (Redskins)

Tom Brady drops a wide open pass on a trick play

Age catches up with us all doesn’t it Tom? (Cowboys)

Brady? Yeah, well, it's not what he's paid for. (Cowboys)

Dak would have caught that and taken it to the end zone. (Cowboys)

NE starting to look rattled. I think Philly is going to win this. (Cowboys)

LeGarrette Blount runs for a 21-yard TD

Do you see where this is going? (Cowboys)

Okay can start making your adjustments anytime now!! (Cowboys)

Pats will never hear the end of it if they lose to a backup QB (Cowboys)

Philly looking like the much stronger team right now. However, don’t forget 28-3 last year. (Cowboys)

NE getting embarrassed at the moment. No way am I watching this if Philly gets up by much more. (Cowboys)

Maybe if Foles wins this it keeps Wentz is on the bench next year. (Cowboys)

I'm hearing fireworks going off in my neighborhood. This is gonna be a TERRIBLE offseason. (Cowboys)

Nick Foles is intercepted

Praise to the football gods! (Cowboys)

He pulled a Dez... Bat it in the air for the other team. (Cowboys)

Somewhere, unfazed by everything unfolding on TV, someone continues to clap. (Cowboys)

James White caps off a 90-yard Pats drive with a 26-yard TD run

90-yard championship drive. Watching greatness my friends. (Cowboys)

It's a ball game again. (Cowboys)

WOW, that drive happened. (Cowboys)

Eagles answer with a long drive to close the half, capped off with the trick play on the pass to Nick Foles

Pederson is the next top 5 coach. UGH. (Cowboys)

Wow Pederson has some gonads. (Cowboys)

Beautiful play. Gotta give it to em, cause they just GAVE it to NE. (Cowboys)

Ouch. Foles makes the catch Brady didn't. (Cowboys)

Brass stones right there. (Cowboys)

That was a really good bounce back reply by Philly. It felt like momentum was shifting and Philly just punched back and took it back. Going for it on 4th down told me they thought they really needed to answer a TD with a TD. Philly playing to win tonight guys. (Cowboys)

Props. (Cowboys)

Pederson just showed how little he respects any historical narrative. I think he knows his team is better and he just allowed them a chance to realize it. (Cowboys)

Make your ringless jokes while you can boys. (Cowboys)

"Tom Brady, notice how I caught the ball with my hands." - Nick Foles. (Cowboys)

Damn, Brady got straight-up trolled. (Cowboys)

Halftime reflections

The scariest thing about this game and this year: Philly has a darn good group of coaches, looks like. And they have an owner who stays out the way, and a GM who knows what he’s doing. We are 0-fer on those. (Cowboys)

Foles throws for 215 and Brady for 276 in the first half... more than the Cowboys did in 9 full games (Foles) and 15 full games (Brady) in 2017. (Cowboys)

Let's see what adjustments the mighty Belichick has up his sleeve second half. So far Pederson sticking his nose in it. (Cowboys)

Here's to the Eagles losing in the most heartbreaking and humiliating fashion imaginable! (Cowboys)

Pats march right down the field for a TD to start the second half

Going to Gronk is the adjustment. (Cowboys)

Thank you Gronk. Probably only time I’ll ever type that in my life. (Cowboys)

And the Eagles answer right back with a Corey Clement TD reception

NE D is bad. It's kind of amazing they got this far. (Cowboys)

Pederson has bigger balls than Jason Garrett. (Cowboys)

Triple coverage touchdown…. this pats defense is an insult to professional football. (Cowboys)

Who the heck is corey clemen? (Cowboys)

Foles vision, willingness to throw through the smallest of windows, and ball placement has been sensational this season. Even if this TD doesn’t stand, his ability to see that passing lane and then place the ball, with little room for error, has been very high level. (Cowboys)

I've been having a scary thought all night. What if…. Doug Pederson is the next great coach? In the same tier as Belichick, Landry, Parcells, Shula? I don’t want to even think about it. (Cowboys)

Or was it a catch?

That's not a catch!!! Yes!!!!! (Cowboys)

Not a catch, but it won't be enough to reverse, IMO. (Cowboys)

Are they going to overrule that? It would be ticky-tack IMO. (Cowboys)

Ball was not possessed until he was out of bounds. (Cowboys)

Clement is bobbling the ball though and he steps out. (Redskins)

Yep, it's a catch!

Friggin index card ref strikes again. That’s not a catch. (Cowboys)

So the Dez catch isn’t a catch but that was?! (Cowboys)

Goodell not wanting to hand Kraft another trophy. (Cowboys)

For maybe the first time ever, Chris Collinsworth says something I agree with when he summed up the inconsistent sketchy nature of the NFL rule book. (Cowboys)

Illegal procedure on the previous touchdown. Incomplete pass on this TD! Unbelievable! (Cowboys)

Wow I actually feel sympathetic for New England for once. They are getting shafted by Gene. (Cowboys)

Remember when there was supposed to be an NFL conspiracy to help the Patriots win? This would be a good time for that to be true. (Cowboys)

Game Over and F*** the Eagles. (Redskins)

Well, the NFC East wins another Super Bowl. It was almost sad the Eagles didn’t have any rings. Now maybe they will get one. Still time left though.. (Redskins)

And the Pats answer again with a 26-yard TD to Chris Hogan

Both QBs are gonna have like 700 passing yards by the time this game is done. (Cowboys)

I hate both of these teams, but I gotta say, this is one hell of a fun game. Or maybe I’m just getting progressively drunker. (Cowboys)

Iggles D is GARBAGE. (Cowboys)

So..... Brady has 400 yards, in the 3RD QUARTER. (Cowboys)

We are so far from this level of play, it's ridiculous. (Cowboys)

Hmm... our defense would fit right in. (Cowboys)

Cowboys are nowhere near this level of football. I’m convinced I’ll never see the Cowboys win another Super Bowl in my lifetime. (Cowboys)

22 years and counting of NOWHERE EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE. Let’s see, over two decades: 0 NFC Championship Game appearances 0 NFC Championships, 0 SB Appearances, 2 whole playoff wins. Tell me how that’s being dramatic about how awful this franchise has been at competing for championships? (Cowboys)

The Eagles are driving again...

Foles can't be stopped. (Cowboys)

All we can do is hope Foles has a brain fart and throws something stupid. The NE D is powerless. (Cowboys)

But they have to settle for 3

Pederson got too cute there. Finally… c’mon Brady. (Cowboys)

I may weigh more than that shrimpy Philly kicker. (Cowboys)

Pederson has done such a good job calling plays I guess he could be excused for that clunker. (Cowboys)

You know what this reminds me of? The Boise State-Oklahoma trick play game, a massive underdog pulling out all the stops to upset the giant. (Cowboys)

This reminds me of ATL-NE. Greatness taking over when it needs to.

The Patriots take their first lead of the game on a TD pass to Gronk

Foles has got that, "Oh crap, it's starting" look on his face. (Cowboys)


The tides have changed. (Cowboys)

Satan laughing, spreads his wings, says don't you sweat Brady & Bill, I've got this covered... (Cowboys)

Foles has my permission to choke here. (Cowboys)

Everyone said before this game if the Eagles can get their 4-man pass rush working in the 4th qtr. they have a shot to win. It’s time now. Well, time’s a’wastin’. (Cowboys)

Eagles begin ensuing drive, and get a fourth down conversion to Zach Ertz

Oh My God. (Cowboys)

So pick plays are legal now? (Cowboys)

Ugh. That took guts. (Cowboys)

That's a great call for Philly in that situation. Really couldn't afford to give NE blood in the water by punting. (Cowboys)

Doug trusts his defense like grandpas nighttime bladder. (Cowboys)

Philly needs to score and leave no time on the clock. They're probably not stopping N.E. from scoring if they get the ball with any time left. (Cowboys)

Win or lose, Pederson is very impressive on the big stage. (Cowboys)

Pederson has no play calling fear even with a backup QB. Amazing. (Cowboys)

And then the Eagles retake the lead on a TD throw to Ertz

Nick Foles is freakin' balling out man. What even is this? (Cowboys)

What’s Foles contract status? Could we sign him to compete with Dak next summer? (Cowboys)

If Philly scores a TD here, I have this sinking feeling they pick Brady to seal the win :O (Cowboys)

Zach Ertz with the game winner. (Cowboys)

Or was it a catch?

That's a TD. Move on. Caught the ball took 81 steps and dove. (Cowboys)

That's Dez all over again. (Cowboys)

3 steps and a football move. Where have we seen this before? Hmmm… (Cowboys)

This would be the most ridiculous overturned TD in history. (Cowboys)

How is this even close? Incomplete. (Cowboys)

If it wasn't a catch for Dez, that's not a catch. (Cowboys)

Yep, it's a catch

LOL. (Cowboys)

Dez is rolling in his grave. (Cowboys)

BULL****. (Cowboys)

The Eagles go for 2, but don't get it

2:21 for Brady to do his magic. Philthy sucks too much to win a ring. (Cowboys)

Had Philly not gotten cocky and gone for 2 early in this game, this whole situation looks a lot different and Philly wouldn’t have had to go for 2 and fail again here. They up by 5 in position to LOSE instead of up by 7 and in position to go OT at worst. (Cowboys)

Brandon Graham strip sack recovered by Derek Barnett!

And that's the game. Sigh. (Cowboys)

Gross. (Cowboys)

I knew it...I knew something weird was going to happen. What part of Philly will burn down tonight in "celebration" lol? (Cowboys)

This is gonna be a hard offseason to swallow. (Cowboys)

Good move by Graham. Got his arms extended and prevented Mason from getting his hands on him in good position. (Cowboys)

Gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG offseason. Sigh. (Cowboys)


I can't stand Lurie or Bradley Cooper, but I can't make myself dislike Doug Pederson. (Cowboys)

Rest in peace Eagles Championship drought. It was nice while it lasted. (Cowboys)

Ah well. Our memes are complete, credit to Philly. (Cowboys)

Welp, no more Eagles memes. (Cowboys)

Officially one of the worst football seasons I've ever experienced... (Cowboys)

With a backup QB, missing their all pro LT, key injuries on defense too I think?, Ajayi played very little....all that and had to overcome a Pats team that played well, especially on offense, all night long and adjusted well. That’s impressive and does not bode well for us going forward. What this team could have done with a good Pats team if Wentz and Peters were healthy is shocking to think of. (Cowboys)

Foles has a ring and Romo doesnt. What...the...... (Cowboys)

Nick Foles Super Bowl Champion. Let that sink in… (Cowboys)

It took 2 years for Doug Pederson to deliver a championship to a franchise who’d never won one in its team’s history, and did it with a BACK UP QB who played lights out during the entire postseason… Howie Roseman did a phenomenal job putting that roster together too. No excuses; they just kept playing and got the job done anyway… (Cowboys)

I never liked football anyway. (Cowboys)

Hell hath frozen over. The world is ending as we all know it. The national guard is heading to Philly. and I need a shot or 5. Worst SB Ever. (Cowboys)

Eagles 2 year process. cowboys 8 and counting. Just two years ago we laughed at Eagles with Chip KELLY. Now they win with 2nd year coach, back up qb, backup LT. ran creative routes, pick plays to get receivers open. Sadly we run our same bland predictable offense. I think we continue our streak of 22 years without a Super Bowl with this current coaching regime. (Cowboys)

The refs certainly helped the Philth. I take NOTHING away from a talented and VERY well coached team…but TWO dodgy TDs in a Super Bowl vs the Pats? And…nobody saw the DPI against Gronk on the Hail Mary…really..? WOW… I’m not bitter…cuz honestly, Dallas 5 Philth 0 is just a bit different now…5-1…still has a good ring to it (or FIVE)… small crumbs tonight gentlemen…maybe…but crumbs are all the Dallas organization has right now. Congrats to the Philth and their disgusting fans…finally…you won one… (Cowboys)

So does this mean the eagles have 2 QB's better than Dak? (Cowboys)

The bright side is the Cowboys are the last team to have beaten the Eagles. (Cowboys)

We lose just one of the players Philly lost this season and we fold like a house of cards. That was very impressive. I hope Jerry watched and begins a new process. From a scrap heap laughing stock to Super Bowl winner in 2 years. We need to learn from this. Now I will go wash my mouth out with a Tide Pod. (Cowboys)

Trying really hard to be mature about this but I despise the Eagles with every fiber of my being and unnecessary hatred will course through my veins for at least a few hours. (Cowboys)

So incredibly upset the Eagles have a trophy. Welcome to the club, I guess. Congrats on being tied with the Bucs. But that is a coaching staff. Aggressive defense. Bold play-calling. They took the Patriots game and shoved it down their throats. Two years. That’s all they needed. No "process". No "he needs time to get HIS guys". Pederson took over a team in arguably worse shape. They were bold. They made stuff happen. (Cowboys)

If Tyron Smith is good to go the Cowboys can beat the Eagles right now. (Cowboys)

Eagles are USA Champs! I hate to say it but the Eagles Played a heck of a game to become Champions of the USA……as an overseas fan I have always found it strange that the SB champions are called World Champions!!! The NFL is a league played in one country so the Eagles can be nothing other than USA champions. (Redskins)

The NFL played in your country 3 times this season. Brits didn’t win a single game. (Redskins)

What happens with Foles now? Guy is too good to be a back up. But this is Wentz's team. (Redskins)

Foles could have gone to us. But we have Alex Smith. (Redskins)

Wentz must be gutted deep down…..a back up stole his glory. They could be terrifyingly good next year with Wentz back. (Redskins)

Could the Eagles trade him? For some picks. What might it cost to get the Super Bowl MVP? (Redskins)

F***. (Redskins)

Both the Eagles and Nick Foles appear likely to win nice prizes in a trade these coming weeks/months. Matt Flynn got a big contract out of one great game. Joe Flacco got a big deal out of an admittedly historic playoff run. Now the Eagles likely will net a nice prize in a trade for Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, and Foles himself likely will net a big contract. We can debate how responsible Foles was for his stats his last season as starter in Philly, the following season as the Rams starter, and the end of this season as Philly’s starter. But none of it matters. QBs get the spoils. It’s the only part of an NFL team, outside of head coach, that wins and losses get assigned to, fairly or unfairly. Hopefully for Nick the rest of his career resembles the end of this season and the entirety of the 2013 season. (Redskins)

Foles to JAX or DEN would be freakin scary. The Cousins market just shrunk by one team. (Redskins)

F******************** Meeeeee. (Redskins)

Now Philly has their Championship, first one in 60 years. I was pulling for Brady to get ring # 6, but will give Philly it’s day in the Sun today. But looking forward, they may have some issues. Their starting QB in coming off ACL surgery, and their backup QB just won them a Super Bowl and was named MVP. If Philly starts out the season slow, meaning a 1-4 or 2-2 start, do the Philly fans start screaming for Foles over Wentz??? Will be interesting to see how that plays out. I would never count Brady and Coach Bill out, until they both retire. Both defenses played bad, over 1K yards of offense put up by both teams. Pats need to rebuild their defense, they looked small against Philly’s taller players and looked old and slow. As far as WR free agents from last season, looks like we should have signed Jeffrey and left Pryor alone, but cannot go back and change history, just move on and forward!!!! (Redskins)

They’re bringing back virtually all of their starters, the guy who would have been league MVP should be healthy by the start of next year, and if he’s not, they have a guy who just was Super Bowl MVP to back up while he gets healthy. (Redskins)

It sucks to be the worst team in the division over the past couple of decades. I’m tired of it. (Redskins)

EDP must be ecstatic. (Redskins)

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