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June 13, 2019

Drexel grad just launched a low-cost online therapy tool

New online service aims to make mental health care more accessible and affordable

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Schedule your therapy appointments wherever and whenever is convenient for you.

As mental health awareness increases, more and more individuals seek treatment. For folks who don’t have insurance, fear the stigma or have limited time, online therapy can be a wonderful alternative to the standard, face-to-face form of mental health care.

While there are many options for online therapy, a new (and cheaper!) option was just launched — and it has some ties to Philadelphia.

ReThink My Therapy was founded by Connor Gallic, a Drexel graduate, who set out to make mental health care accessible and affordable for all.

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ReThink My Therapy offers both online therapy and psychiatry — with unlimited availability — for a monthly fee of $60. Compared to other online therapy platforms, like Talk Space, which starts at $65 per week and Breakthrough, which costs $140 weekly, ReThink is more affordable.

Begin by searching the platform’s database of virtual medical professionals for who is of interest to you, book an appointment with them and experience your first session. And, yes, you can speak with the same provider with each visit, or you can opt for someone else, according to ReThink.

If scheduling is a barrier for your mental health treatment, ReThink professionals offer evening and weekend availability.

Additionally, licensed therapists and certified psychiatrists with ReThink are able to treat a number of common mental health issues, including bipolar disorder, grief, depression, men’s and women’s issues, parenting and adolescent issues, relationship troubles, panic disorders, LGBTQ support and more.

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