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September 05, 2015

SEPTA alters Regional Rail schedules

Changes to go into effect Sept. 6

SEPTA Transportation
SEPTA Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

A SEPTA Regional Rail train.

Commuters who utilize SEPTA's Regional Rail service should be prepared for slight changes in train schedules for the start of the work week after Labor Day. 

The transportation agency announced slight tweaks to the arrival times of several trains Saturday. 

Among the changes, which go into effect Sunday, Sept. 6, are trains coming to stations a few minutes earlier and later on stops for several lines going in and out of Center City. 

In addition, the train identification numbers for a few regular weekday trains are changing.  

While the most drastic switch in arrival times is only a difference of 8 minutes for a train on the Warminster Line, many commuters become adjusted to their travel schedules and know a slight schedule shift can mean the difference between being on time or late for work. 

To view the changes, check out SEPTA's news release here