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March 17, 2017

WATCH: SEPTA investigating subway brawl allegedly involving local school kids

Cellphone video footage of the fight has been spreading on social media

SEPTA Investigations
Student SEPTA brawl Facebook /Screenshot

A video of a brawl reportedly involving local school students is circulating on social media.

SEPTA Transit Police are investigating a brawl apparently involving local students that took place Thursday afternoon at the Race-Vine station of the Broad Street Line subway.

Cellphone video footage shows about a dozen teens involved in the violent scene, with at least one boy shown lying on the ground and being kicked by several others.

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In another snapshot, viewers can see students engaged in hand-to-hand combat while others use their phones to video the fight.

Both girls and boys appear in the video dressed in school uniforms and wearing backpacks.

A SEPTA spokesperson said at least one student involved in the altercation was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for not life-threatening injuries. 

There have not been any arrests, at this time.