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February 01, 2016

Sesame Street will start giving millions to startups

Entrepreneurs who want funding for a company related to childhood development can turn to a surprising source for funding: Sesame Street.

The nonprofit branch of the iconic children's show is partnering with the investment group Collaborative Fund to create a venture capital fund focused on kid-centered topics like education, nutrition, health, parenting and social development.

Sesame Street is willing to invest up to $1 million in each company, the Collaborative Fund announced on Sunday.

In addition, companies can benefit by having access to Sesame Street's expertise and important contacts in the world of childhood development.

“Sesame Street was the original disrupter in kids’ media, and we have a 45-year history of being a creative workshop dedicated to breaking new ground," Sesame Workshop's CEO Jeffrey D. Dunn told Business Insider.

No one would ever expect Big Bird to be an angel investor, but hey, he does have wings.