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January 13, 2018

Sixers crush comedian's soul in London game prank

What better way to make a good impression in London than to pull a cruel prank on a British celebrity in front of thousands of fans?

That's exactly what the Sixers did on Thursday at the expense of comedian and actor Jack Whitehall.

During a break in the Sixers' 114-103 loss to the Boston Celtics in the 02 Arena, the Sixers brought out Whitehall and challenged him to drain a 3-point shot while blindfolded.

After taking his shot, Sixers' entertainment team went nuts and the crowd went along with it by cheering, tricking Whitehall into thinking he had just pulled off a ridiculous shot. He was mobbed at center court and celebrated in disbelief.

But once things calmed down, Whitehall's attention was turned to the replay of his shot on the jumbrotron, which showed that his shot had actually just clipped the front of the net as it fell short.

He'd been punk'd.

Brutal. You can see the clip of Whitehall's soul being crushed below: