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May 19, 2017

Sixers draft scenario du jour: Selling the No. 3 pick back to the Kings ... with interest

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There's still over a month until the Sixers are on the clock with the third-overall pick, and that means we need something to kill time during the weeks leading up to the 2017 NBA Draft. 

We'll continue to look at the prospects who will be available to the Sixers – as well as who we, as well as others, see them drafting with the No. 3 pick – but as general manager Bryan Colangelo said earlier this week, they're open to the possibility of dealing that pick, whether that be to acquire an established veteran or to move up or down in the first round. But in addition to that, we'll also be looking at some trade possibilities for the Sixers. 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between now and the draft, Rich Hofmann and I will examine a different potential scenario for the Sixers. Some days, there will be trades. Other days, the Sixers may remain at three, but the players left on the board could be different because of another trade or a surprise pick. And since there are only two teams ahead of them, we should be able to get through a good amount of the most likely possibilities before June 22.

After we've outlined the scenario and offered our thoughts on the likelihood it actually happens and whether or not it should happen, we'll ask you for your thoughts on it. We also encourage you to elaborate in the comments section. When it gets closer to the draft, we'll put the results together in a single post to show you which outcome fans are most hopeful to see play out.

Without wasting any more time, here's our first possibility (and, boy, it's a good one):


KINGS RECEIVE: No. 3 overall pick in 2017 NBA Draft
76ERS RECEIVE: No. 5 & No. 10 overall picks in 2017


Rich Hofmann

It would be so Kangz if Sacramento coveted a player like Josh Jackson and had to cough up the pick they got from the Boogie Cousins deal in order to draft him all because of that ridiculous trade they made with the Sixers a few offseasons ago.

That said, I don’t believe Sacramento would make this deal. They took some hits on lottery night, the shot of Dave Joerger with “0.0% chance for the No. 1 pick” chief among them, but they had a pretty productive trip to the Big Apple. The pick swap still allowed them to jump into the Top-5 and New Orleans didn’t jump so the Kings were able to keep both picks. Nik Rocks!

It just feels like too much to give up, and a couple (one, two) of fan NBA Draft trade value charts say that the math doesn’t come close to adding up for Sacramento. They aren’t really in any position to consolidate assets. It’s rumored that the Kings like De’Aaron Fox quite a bit and my guess is he’ll be around at that No. 5 spot.

So yeah, for the Sixers, this would represent the best-case scenario when it comes to trading back (even if I think they should stay put.) I especially don’t see the logic from Sacramento’s side, though, which of course hasn’t always stopped them.

Matt Mullin

As Rich pointed out on Thursday, the Sixers have more than a few options with the third pick – and Colangelo seems more than willing to entertain offers. But he also pointed out, correctly, that teams don't often trade out of the top 10 for just future draft considerations. 

However, the ability to keep the deal contained within the first 10 picks of the 2017 Draft – the Kings also own the 10th pick – presents the Sixers with a rare opportunity. 

If the Kings really want Josh Jackson, and especially if they're afraid Philly or Phoenix would take him before their first pick came up, they could move up and allow the Sixers to take a lesser player (but a better fit) in Malik Monk. Taking Monk third would be a bit of a stretch, but if Colangelo could still get him at five and get an extra Top 10 pick in the process, then that would be a steal by comparison.

But there's another scenario in which this deal could be put in play: if the Lakers decide to pass on Lonzo Ball and instead take Jackson with the second pick. If the Sixers decide they don't want Ball (for whatever reasons, LaVar included), they could turn around to the Kings and offer them a chance to move up. Of course, at that point there would be other teams interested, but with the Kings having those two Top 10 picks, they could offer a great package that would pay dividends in 2017-18, and not a couple of years from now. That seems to be the kind of thing Colangelo is into...

In the end, this is going to come down to how badly the Kings want whoever is on the board at No. 3 – and how much value they put in the quality of their assets vs. the quantity of them. They'd be the team more likely to say no. As for the Sixers, this deal makes sense unless they're 100 percent sold on Jackson ... or if Markelle Fultz somehow slips to them (which is highly unlikely).


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