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November 06, 2017

Video: Skip Bayless criticizes Carson Wentz for strip sack of Nick Foles

You may want to dismiss Skip Bayless, co-host of a show no one watches, as a Cowboys homer, endlessly praising Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott no matter what, while refusing to give any credit to Eagles signal caller Carson Wentz. In most cases, you'd be right.

But on Monday morning, Bayless joined co-host Shannon Sharpe for their daily shouting match, and actually made a solid criticism of Wentz. With Sunday's game in hand over the Broncos, Wentz gave up a costly strip sack to Von Miller, who took the ball into the end zone.

It's a fair point from Bayless, who claimed he watched the entire game. 

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The only problem with his critique being that it was not Wentz playing quarterback on that play. After tossing four touchdowns and building a comfortable lead, Wentz was taken out for backup Nick Foles, who gave up the ball for a score.

It's almost as if Bayless' schtick – which again, no one is watching — is not an attempt at an informed sports opinion, and instead an effort to troll the sad people who accidentally stumble on his show while surfing channels. Almost.

(Author's note: I had to watch the entire segment of Bayless and Sharpe to find the clip of Skip incorrectly blaming Wentz for the strip sack, and for the love of all things holy, I beg you not to subject yourself to that show under any circumstance.)