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November 22, 2017

Solarize Philly campaign exceeds initial sign-up goal

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02.05.2015 User @ClimateGroup/Twitter

Solar energy prices have dropped significantly as the technology figures to assume a key role in the global energy mix of the future.

The push for more solar panel energy in Philadelphia is gaining traction as Solarize Philly exceeds its initial sign-up goal of 100 households, landing a total 186 signed contracts since the campaign's launch in July.

Solarize Philly started as a City Council campaign designed to entice homeowners into consider installing solar panels, touting subsidized pricing and a federal tax credit to incentivize the deal. Additionally, the campaign hopes to create jobs as more people sign up and installations are needed.

Green Philly Blog first reported the program had reached its goal, which is a hopeful sign for the demand of solar energy in Philadelphia.

Looking ahead, Solarize Philly wants to commit a total 500 Philly homes to installing solar power by the end of 2018, all of which would benefit from the below-market value offered. Though 186 residents have officially agreed to the panels, PlanPhilly notes that more than 1,800 have shown interest since the July launch.

Sign-ups for Solarize Philly are closed for the rest of the year but reportedly will re-open in January with additional options for low-income households interested in going solar.