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April 30, 2016

Special lights for Ben Franklin Bridge will highlight causes and events

Disorders, Mother's Day and Memorial Day will be recognized by unique lights throughout May

Lights Benjamin Franklin Bridge
042316_bridge_prince Delaware River Port Authority/Twitter

The Ben Franklin Bridge will be dressed up in a variety of colors on May evenings, highlighting awareness for causes from lupus to the observation of Memorial Day.

Picking up where the recent bridge memorial for the passing of the popstar Prince left off, May 1 through May 7 will be purple for Lupus Awareness Month.

May 8 the bridge connecting Philadelphia to Camden will have a magenta glow for Mother’s Day and the maternal bond.

On May 9 the bridge will be bathed in cyan for Women’s Lung Health Week, then it is back to purple again for lupus from May 10 to May 14.

May 17 to 22 will be red for Hepatitis Awareness Month.

May 23 through May 25 will recognize National Eosinophil Awareness Week, a collection of white blood cell disorders

Finally, May 26 through May 3 the Ben will be red, white and blue to observe Memorial Day weekend and also to honor the sacrifices made by service members.